iCeMS Caravan 講師


出身地: クライストチャーチ、ニュージーランド(生まれ、育ち)

2010/11–2012/05: 京都大学大学院理学研究科化学専攻 日本学術振興会外国人特別博士研究員
2012/06–2016/03: 東北大学原子分子材料科学高等研究機構数学連携グループ 特任助教
2014/10–現在: JST さぎがけ研究員(兼任)
2016/04–現在: 京都大学物質–細胞統合システム拠点 講師

2016年: 第5回藤原洋数理科学奨励賞

Great science is determined by insight and creativity. To gain insight, you should think slowly and carefully about what you are learning in the classroom and the textbooks. When you can identify connections between chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics, you have developed insight. To gain creativity, you should try to solve problems that are not discussed in the classroom or textbooks. Once you create your own methods for solving problems, you have acquired creativity.

Nanotech by Herding Molecules–Hints from Theory(英語)